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CRT is the first security token that combines the benefits of direct and indirect real estate investments, eliminating inefficiencies, reducing costs and ensuring full transparency. CRT is the digital form of a subordinated bond. Both the bond and the real estate are digitized, the cash flows go directly to the investor. The concept has the potential to fundamentally revolutionize the world of financial investments.

In comparison

What is the difference between CROWDLITOKEN and well-known forms of real estate investment? What are the advantages of the individual products? CROWDLITOKEN performs best.


You will find all relevant information about your CRT investment on the investor dashboard. Here you can manage your tokens, allocate them to the desired properties on the basis of a risk/return profile and monitor the performance of your personal portfolio. This dashboard is currently under construction and will be available in the course of 2020.


Your most important figures at a glance. How many tokens have you placed on which properties, what is the yield?


The analysis shows how your tokens are placed and how your monthly winnings are broken down.

Real estate

All properties of CROWDLITOKEN at a glance. Place your tokens or change your current allocation.


You are part of the CROWDLITOKEN community. You have new friends, receive regular news and info.


The market value of CROWDLITOKEN changes. Here you can see the development and trade your tokens.


Set up your app according to your taste. Do you want to cash out or reinvest your winnings monthly?


CROWDLITOKEN has created its own ecosystem in which all community members have the same rights and obligations. In these videos you will learn many aspects and advantages which this ecosystem can offer you.

Legal documents

Here you will find all relevant legal documents.

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The public offering period has expired, subscriptions by retail investors (or "private investors") residing in the EEA area are currently not possible. Qualified investors as well as investors domiciled in Switzerland may contact CROWDLITOKEN with investment inquiries.

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KIID (Key investor information)