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Invest in European real estate simply via smartphone. Keep everything in view with the online investor portal,
where you can manage your bonds and monitor the performance of your personal portfolio.

It only takes 5 steps

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Erstelle deinen CROWDLITOKEN Account mit deiner Mailadresse.

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Bevor du die Plattform nutzen kannst, musst du deinen Account verifizieren lassen. Lade dazu dein Passfoto hoch und vervollständige deine persönlichen Angaben.

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Wähle einen Investitionsbetrag (ab 100CHF/EUR). Nach der Einzahlung erhältst du deine Tokens (CRT) auf dein CRT-Konto ausbezahlt.

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Stöbere durch unsere Immobilien und platziere deine Tokens auf die gewünschten Objekte.

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Wir halten dich auf dem Laufenden mit regelmässigen Updates zu deiner Performance und dem Fortschritt deines Portfolios.

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Why you should invest
your money in CROWDLITOKEN

High returns and secure

Before we list projects on our platform, they are thoroughly assessed. The success and security of your investments is our success.

Short-term results

With CROWDLITOKEN you don’t have to wait years or decades to see the returns on your investment. It’s the perfect way to generate a passive income.

Total control, total transparency

All data and facts about each project and its developer are displayed in a clear and extensive view.

Unterschiede zwischen CROWDLITOKEN
und anderen Immobilien-investments

Graphic comparison of various real estate investments

CRT is the first security token that combines the advantages of direct and indirect real estate investments in one single product:

Elimination of inefficiencies
Flexible adaptation of the portfolio
Ensuring complete transparency
Ready to get access to secured property deals and start earning great returns on your investment?

Das Investorenportal

Das Investorenportal, auch Dashboard genannt, ist das Kernstück deines Investments.
Die gesamte Verwaltung deines Accounts und deiner Tokens findet sich hier. Das Investorenportal wird laufend weiterentwickelt und neue Funktionen werden hinzugefügt.

Place your bonds (CRT) and put together your portfolio.

Profit from rental income
and the increase in value of the properties.

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Get your monthly return in cash or new CRTs.

Place your bonds (CRT) and put together your portfolio.

Profit from rental income
and value increase
of real estate.

Get your returns paid out monthly in cash or new CRTs.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is something unclear? We have the answers to your questions.

  • What co-determination rights do I have as an investor?

    Investors can decide on the following resolutions within the scope of their co-determination rights:

    • Changes to the terms and conditions of the bond, e.g. a change to the minimum interest rate or the introduction of a new crypto currency for payment processing.
    • Sale of a property, whereby this decision is only presented to investors who have invested in the property in question.
    • Other issues which, in the opinion of CROWDLITOKEN AG, have a significant impact.
      Binding decisions are made in all cases with 50% or more of all tokens participating in the vote.

  • What are the advantages of a digital bond?

    A digital bond can be issued directly by CROWDLITOKEN without a bank (cost savings) and can be held by the investors themselves, again without a bank. The digital bond allows a wide range of people to benefit from the financial product. A digital financial instrument also opens up new opportunities for the investor: At CROWDLITOKEN we can combine the digital bond with the digitised income streams of real estate investments, allowing investors to participate directly.

  • How is the product structured (type)?

    CRT is a subordinated bond under the law of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The bond has a term of 25 years (with an extension option of 2x 5 years) and pays a minimum interest rate of 0.875% (year 1+2), 1.5% (year 3) or 2.1% (from year 4) p.a. (based on CHF 1.00). The bond is issued digitally in the form of a token.

  • When do I receive my yield distribution?

    Thirteen times a year, at a fixed date/time in accordance with the prospectus approved by the FMA. Twelve distributions are paid out with a budgeted amount per year. A special payout is made after the successful completion of the annual real estate account of the respective property.

  • Further questions?

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