World premiere live: Retail investors for the first time invest in Swiss real estate with digital bonds

The Liechtenstein Fintech company CROWDLITOKEN AG for the very first time acquires a property with investor funds. The acquired building in Oensingen, Solothurn, is the very first Swiss property in which European investors can participate with digital bonds (CRT) starting at 100 CHF/EUR. 

The purchase of commercial property in Oensingen in the canton of Solothurn is the first step of the Liechtenstein Fintech company in the development of a Europe-wide real estate portfolio. The income streams of the properties are digitally mapped, allowing investors to participate directly in the individual property returns, which currently amount to approx. 5.5%. CROWDLITOKEN AG is the first company ever to enable retail and large investors from Europe to participate in a Swiss property with digital real estate bonds.

The property in Oensingen is a commercial property with logistics and storage areas with a market value of 9.150 million Swiss Francs. Particularly in times of the Covid19 crisis, the acquisition of the property in Oensingen proved to be a strategic bull’s eye, as logistics and commercial properties have proven to be winners in the real estate industry. 

The property has an annual rental income of CHF 600,000, which represents a very good gross yield of CHF 6.7%. It is in very good condition and has long-term tenants, is located in the industrial area of Oensingen and has a land area of 5’300 square meters.

Real estate in your pocket 

With the upcoming online investor portal, their investors can place their acquired shares (CRT) on the property in Oensingen and thus benefit from the return. From this point on, the portfolio will be continuously expanded with further European properties. In the future, investors will be offered the opportunity to place their bonds individually on the various properties listed in the CROWDLITOKEN portfolio in order to put together their own personal real estate portfolio.  

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