CROWDLITOKEN AG strengthens its Board of Directors

The Liechtenstein Fintech company CROWDLITOKEN AG has repositioned itself for the second financing tranche.  With Remo Weibel, former CEO of Swiss Life Select, and Michael Escher, former member of the Executive Board of Meyer Burger Technology, CROWDLITOKEN AG is pleased to have two high-ranking personalities from the Swiss economy on its Board of Directors.  In addition, Roger Bigger and Ernst Sutter, as representatives of the parent company CROWDLI AG, will join the Board of Directors to strengthen the company with their long-standing real estate know-how.

After the completion of the first very successful phase, in which CROWDLITOKEN AG was able to issue digital real estate bonds worth over CHF 16 million, the Liechtenstein Fintech company is once again strengthening itself with well-known names from the business world during the preparations for its next round of financing. At the beginning of this year, Remo Weibel was already announced as Chairman of the parent company CROWDLI AG and is now also involved in the evolutionary financial product of CROWDLITOKEN AG. With Michael Escher, an experienced and highly qualified manager has joined the company, who will also accompany the management in his role as delegate of the board of directors.

With the election of the new Board members, the Board of Directors of CROWDLITOKEN AG and its parent company CROWDLI AG have been unified. This streamlining of structures will allow the Board of Directors to make future decisions even faster and more agile and to accelerate the implementation of the strategic orientation. The Board of Directors now consists of Ernst Sutter (Chairman), Martin Züger (Vice Chairman), Michael Escher (Delegate of the Board of Directors), Roger Bigger, Toni Caradonna, Hans Eggenberger, Hans Kuhn and Remo Weibel. The members of the Board of Directors Bruno Benaglio, Renato Fassbind, Stephan Gauer and Felix Helling are stepping down in order to streamline the Board of Directors and will continue to serve as advisors. In addition, members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board are underlining their confidence in CROWDLITOKEN’s forward-looking product by making further investments in the company.

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