Women power with CROWDLITOKEN

Today is International Women’s Day! We want to use this historic day to introduce you to two power women from CROWDLITOKEN. Lidia Bolla and Isabella Brom are not only highly committed business ladies, they are also two real “super-women” in their private lives.


Lidia Bolla (34) – our Chief Strategic Officer – has extensive experience in block-chain-based investment themes. This is why she has already established the first Swiss asset manager for block-chain investments with the innovative company vision&. She was also Managing Partner of a consulting boutique for quantitative financial issues and worked for major financial institutions in Zurich, London and Hong Kong.

Lidia holds a doctorate from the University of St.Gallen and has specialized in the field of asset management. Due to her excellent education and her professional stations she was able to gain a lot of experience at a young age and continuously expanded her know-how. Her real “Happy Place” are technologies, which is why she often forgets the time when programming. For her it is fascinating to see the potential that digital technologies reveal and how they improve and simplify the handling of money, assets and finances. That’s why she is pleased that the technological revolution has also reached the Financial Market Authority.

Instead of just watching, she is actively involved in shaping new developments. At CROWDLITOKEN Lidia dedicates herself to her passion. She is responsible for the strategic development, legal issues, their technical implementation and the formation of partnerships with banks and other financial institutions.

Lidia Bolla, Chief Strategic Officer at CROWDLITOKEN

New to our innovative team is Isabella Brom (31). She has been Chief Information Officer since January 2020 and is also part of the management of CROWDLITOKEN. She complements the team with her experience in enterprise architecture (conceptual software solutions for companies), decentralized business models and infrastructures for digital assets.

With her company KORE Technologies AG, she and her team develop comprehensive digital asset software solutions in the areas of issuing (issuing of digital assets), custody (storage) and node services (blockchain services). Isabella previously worked at Ernst&Young, where she built up and managed the consulting business for distributed ledger technology (DLT). She has initiated and implemented digitization projects with the largest companies in the world. She also teaches at the University of Applied Sciences (HWZ) and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) on topics such as blockchain technology. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

At CROWDLITOKEN, Isabella is responsible for all technological issues related to the projects; on the one hand, she is responsible for the operative support of the existing platforms, but above all, she is also responsible for the further development of new technical solutions. This also includes the development of an IT strategy and a comprehensive IT architecture for CROWDLITOKEN. This is necessary if the business model of the future is to be mapped technically with new projects. It also monitors the technical and market-relevant developments around Blockchain for CROWDLITOKEN. Isabella is convinced of one thing above all: “Distributed Ledger Technology will fundamentally change capital market structures. Blockchain is only used profitably in a few cases, but there it will fundamentally change this”.

Isabella Brom (in the middle), Chief Information Officer at CROWDLITOKEN

With digital, new and innovative products, it is often difficult to combine the legal requirements defined in the approved prospectus of the Financial Market Authority with the technical challenges. Thanks to the two “power women”, CROWDLITOKEN is ideally positioned for this interface. They are very important for the company. Not only today, but all year round.

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