CROWDLITOKEN at the WEF 2020 in Davos

When Donald Trump travels to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, its not only a suitcase with personal effects that is transported but Four large airplanes, seven helicopters, over thirty cars and six hundred employees.

Rhaetian Railway, second-class compartment with no escort – this is how Lidia Bolla, Chief Strategic Officer of CROWDLITOKEN AG, travelled to the WEF in Davos.

Lidia did not have a solo appearance announced in the mass media like the US President, she took part in a panel discussion at the Intercontinental Hotel. She discussed the topic “The Future of Real Estate Investing” under the direction of Eric van der Kleij, CEO of Frontier Network. Lidia spoke about the CROWDLITOKEN product, which is changing and modernizing the European financial industry, provided explanations for real estate access to small investors and showed why this financial investment product stands for transparency.  Hans Kuhn, member of the board of directors of CROWDLITOKEN AG, discussed the legal framework. Kleininvestoren und zeigte auf, warum dieses Finanzanlageprodukt für Transparenz steht. Hans Kuhn, Verwaltungsrat der CROWDLITOKEN AG, thematisierte die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen.

Admittedly – the speech of the US President caused more attention. Whereby his WEF speech turned out to be lobbying for this years US elections and was actually not addressed to the audience in the hall at all. Lidia, together with her panelists, delivered a more exciting and surprising exchange of ideas, which met the interest of the visitors.

By the way: both Trump and Lidia travelled back home in a similar style.

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