Direct real estate investment

There are different ways to invest in real estate. The main distinction is between direct real estate investments and indirect real estate investments.

A direct real estate investment is made through the purchase of a whole property. With a direct real estate investment, investors thus classically invest in purchases of condominiums or rental houses.

Direct investments usually require large amounts of capital. To invest directly in real estate, various obstacles have to be overcome: financial and technical due diligence, arranging mortgages, property management, tax planning, legal form and finally dealing with municipal authorities and registration in the land register.

Direct real estate investments compared to indirect real estate investments


  • Individual choice
  • Right of co-determination
  • High minimum investment
  • Return of 5-10%

CROWDLITOKEN compared to direct real estate investments


  • Effort required for search and management is eliminated
  • .

  • Lower risk
  • Tradable and more liquid
  • Return of up to 7%