The perfect investment for small investors

Have you ever thought about investing money? Investing money is not only for wealthy people. Normal earners also have various options available to them.

Especially in such times as the Corona crisis, one realizes again how important stability and security are. Crises like this turn society and our economy upside down. Collapses on the financial markets, loss of wages and falling interest rates at banks make us fear for our finances.

The question now is how and where to invest your money safely, regardless of the size of your assets. The aim is to invest your money in such a way that it can grow and survive times of crisis. A detailed strategy is important for this, and you should ask yourself what you want to achieve with a financial investment. Do you want quick liquidity or the highest possible security? Do you simply want a high yield distribution?

Which investment strategies are suitable for the “normals” among us, who do not have huge assets or great financial knowledge?

One possibility is the classic investment: the savings account. To manage a savings account, you don’t need any know-how or large assets, because anyone can open a savings account at their bank. However, anyone who deposits their money in a savings account risks losses, as inflation could be higher than the interest rate. The money stored in the savings account does not tend to increase.

So instead of storing all the money at the bank, it can make sense to invest parts of the assets in tangible assets such as cars, watches or art. The value of the various objects can increase enormously within years. However, a high level of expertise is required to actually make a profit from the investments made.

Trading in shares, securities and crypto-currencies also requires a lot of experience, know-how and tact. In addition, prices can fall continuously, and the assets can lose value in times of crisis. Above all, trading with crypto currencies is anything but secure, as the prices fluctuate enormously.

Classical real estate investments, on the other hand, are considered to be one of the safest and relatively crisis-resistant forms of investment but investing in real estate requires a very large amount of equity capital. Here too, in-depth background knowledge or the support of an expert is recommended. After all, as a real estate investor you can also profit from the increase in value of a property. In just a few years, the demand in a region can grow enormously, which benefits the investor. The aim is to acquire qualitatively stable real estate that retains its value and has opportunities for an increase in value.

So which investment is the best choice?

The perfect solution would probably be the following: An investment for everyone! One in which you can also invest, even if there are no or only small assets. An investment opportunity that can be adapted to different needs, that is secure, transparent and above all, understandable for everyone. Imagine an investment that is not only secure, but also pays a high return and allows for quick liquidity!

Did you know that you can invest in real estate with CROWDLITOKEN starting at 100 CHF or EUR? You can place the invested amount on selected properties of our portfolio according to your taste. Our real estate team has set itself the goal of building up a qualitatively stable portfolio and only acquiring real estate that maintains its value and has a chance of increasing in value.

This means that you do not need a large amount of equity capital, because we buy the properties. You can simply invest the desired amount in the properties you like, and benefit from comparatively high returns (5-7% p.a.). Furthermore, you have the chance to trade your shares at any time, which means our product is liquid! Another advantage is that the real estate industry is very crisis-resistant, which means that you don’t have to be afraid of extreme fluctuations, as it is the case when trading shares and crypto-currencies. Additionally, you don’t really need to have real estate know-how, because our real estate team has it! As an investor, you have access to all important information, and you will also have a right of co-determination.

So, if you have not yet decided how and where you want to invest your money, feel free to contact us or read our white paper for more information. CROWDLITOKEN forms a bridge between direct and indirect real estate investment and creates a completely new financial world that is fair, democratic and accessible to everyone.

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