The New Way of Investing in Real Estate: Digital Bonds

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class worth more than $228 trillion globally. Yet, despite being such a colossal and booming industry, real estate is still largely limited by its dependence on slow legacy systems, inefficient paper documents, and countless middlemen with high fees.

Investing in real estate is something many people all over the globe are highly interested in pursuing. Unfortunately, this form of investment is highly prohibitive, usually accessible only to the world’s wealthiest individuals that have enough capital to put into purchasing real estate – often requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An overhaul of how the real estate industry works has been long overdue. Luckily, thanks to the emergence of technological innovations and decentralized systems, a new way of investing in real estate has been born, through the use of digital bonds.

What are Digital Bonds?

Digital bonds are essentially bonds that have been digitally represented on a blockchain. It is still a real-world, concrete bond – the only difference is that people can easily and securely trade them online in a democratized manner. Digital bonds combine elements of legacy finance with beneficial features of the highly innovative digital fintech world.

There are numerous benefits that come from utilizing digital bonds for real estate investing.

Digital bonds allow for the democratization of real estate investment access. This is possible because digital bonds can be broken up to represent a single share of a large real estate investment. Consequently, many investors may purchase a fraction of a property, effectively crowdsourcing a large real estate investment. The digitized income streams of the property are linked to the digital bond, benefitting the bondholders with the appreciative value of the real estate property over time.

Digital bonds also increase access to real estate investments to people all over the globe. Investing in a property in Switzerland while never leaving your home in England, for example, is entirely possible through the purchase of digital bonds.

Moreover, the fees that come along with making real estate investments are significantly reduced, as the need for intermediaries vanishes. Plus, since all data is verified and tracked on blockchain technology, transparency is greatly increased while preventing potential fraud and manipulation.

Say Hello to CROWDLITOKEN’s Digital Bonds

Here at CROWDLITOKEN AG, we offer digital bonds in the form of security tokens, known as CRT, that are fully backed by hand-selected multi-tenant real estate properties across Europe.

Holders of CRT are able to reap in the benefits of their chosen European real estate property / properties. CRT tokenholders will automatically profit from the income streams and value appreciation of the properties while having a minimum guaranteed interest on the bond.

Investors can expect to see stable growth and solid returns on their real estate investments with CROWDLITOKEN, with expected net returns of 5 to 7 percent. CRT tokenholders will have the choice to either receive their interests in cash, or in additional CRT that can be reinvested to further grow their real estate portfolio.

CROWDLITOKEN is currently in the private sale phase of our Security Token Offering (STO), whereby CRT can be purchased at a discount of 25 percent. At the closing of the private sale phase, the pre-public sale will begin with a discount of 20 percent, followed by the public sale with an available discount of 10 percent off. After our STO is over, there will be no more discounts on our digital bonds, so act fast!

Learn more about our current STO from our CROWDLITOKEN STO Guide. For more information on our platform, you may read our whitepaper.

If you’re ready to invest in CRT right away and get your 25 percent off discount, you may do so here!

We look forward to welcoming you into the CROWDLITOKEN ecosystem where we will democratise access to the Eurpean real estate market with you soon!

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