Our digital bonds are now also available in Switzerland

CROWDLITOKEN AG is now launching its security token offering (STO) also in Switzerland. Consultations with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) have confirmed that no special regulatory approval is needed to market this new class of digital assets in Switzerland. This means that both professional and private investors will benefit from this innovative opportunity to invest in European real estate investment with immediate effect.

Last month, Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Authority (FMA) was the first financial regulator in Europe to approve the prospectus of a tokenised real estate investment product for public distribution. Among others for Great Britain and Germany . The FMA thus laid the foundation for the next generation of digital financial investment products. FINMA has since endorsed this view and found that there are no regulatory obstacles that would prevent private investors from participating in this new asset class. The private sale, the first phase of the STO, is currently underway, during which tokens can be purchased at a discount of 25%. This will be followed by the pre-public sale in June, with investments starting from as little as CHF 100. The objective of CROWDLITOKEN is to democratise access to the European real estate market. This is made possible by blockchain technology, which directly links consumers and service providers, without any intermediaries. CROWDLITOKEN is thus setting new standards when it comes to developing the financial products of the future.

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