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Made a lot of money with crypto? Invest some securely to keep it growing!

Since their appearance on the global financial market, cryptocurrencies have drastically changed the investment world. Their inception brought a never-before-seen earning potential where thousands of dollars could be earned in a matter of hours, even minutes...

The Savings Account That Doesn’t Charge Negative Interest

Negative interest has recently seen a surge in popularity. Although this financial principle has been around for a while, it only caught the attention of very few, and for good reason: no one wants it...
Article Moneycab from August 2019

Strong signal for Swiss fintech industry

The market entry of Seba Crypto AG from Zug and Sygnum AG from Zurich should also give new impetus to those Fintech companies that are already on the market.

The New Way of Investing in Real Estate: Digital Bonds

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class worth globally. Yet, despite being such a colossal and booming industry, real estate is still largely limited by...
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