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Explain Like I’m 5: What is Tokenized Real Estate?

You may have recently encountered the term “Tokenized Real Estate” only to ask yourself: “What in the world is that?” Fear not, you’re truly not alone. The process known as “tokenization” has been gaining popularity, but mainly in the higher branches of investing – and understanding it from a layman's point of view is difficult given the complex explanations out there.
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Renato Fassbind becomes member of CROWDLITOKEN AG Board of Directors

New strategic know-how for the fintech company. Renato Fassbind and Bruno Benaglio are new members of the Board of Directors of CROWDLI AG based in Frauenfeld.

Made a lot of money with crypto? Invest some securely to keep it growing!

Since their appearance on the global financial market, cryptocurrencies have drastically changed the investment world. Their inception brought a never-before-seen earning potential where thousands of dollars could be earned in a matter of hours, even minutes...

The Savings Account That Doesn’t Charge Negative Interest

Negative interest has recently seen a surge in popularity. Although this financial principle has been around for a while, it only caught the attention of very few, and for good reason: no one wants it...
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