International Women’s Day

Our goal: to pave new ways and actively shape the future! With CROWDLITOKEN we have created an investment product that democratizes the investment world. Actively involved in this mission are our two power women, Lidia Kurt-Bolla (CSO) and Isabella Brom (CIO). The two play an important role not only at CROWDLITOKEN AG, but also in the emerging crypto industry in Switzerland, where both have already made a big name for themselves

Lidia is a graduate of HSG St.Gallen, and has already made a big impact in various companies. Before CROWDLITOKEN, she built the first Swiss asset manager for blockchain assets with the innovative company vision&, and for two years now she has been our head of strategy.

Isabella, CIO, has been with us since last year, complementing our team with her experience in enterprise architecture, decentralized business models and infrastructures for digital assets. Besides CROWDLITOKEN, Isabella works at our technology partner KORE Technologies AG, of which she is a co-founder.

We are proud to have such inspiring women with us and hope to see more and more women in the industry in the future!

Right in time for International Women’s Day, in today’s CROWDLITALK we talk to another exciting and successful woman in the Swiss crypto industry: with Georgine Roesle from Sygnum Bank. Learn more about Georgine and her role in the world of digital assets, and how she made her mark as a woman in the industry, live on Youtube today at 6pm.

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