Here’s What the European Real Estate Market Looks Like in 2019

If you’re looking at real estate investment, there’s probably no better place to go for short and mid-term gains than Europe. The extremely diverse region is home to many lucrative investment spots and several of the continent’s countries are considered up and coming cities with an enormous potential for growth.

Europe’s real estate market has typically been a reliable investment choice. Despite the complexities arising from political situations like Brexit, real estate experts are still bullish on the prospects of the European market. Investment has shown a steady increase over the last few years and is projected to increase in the near to mid-term future.

Investors look to the European markets both for security and for a modest growth on returns. With international investment in the market also expected to increase into the 2020s, the European market is set to be a suitable and safe investment choice for the majority of investors.

Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Croatia are all proving to be lucrative opportunities for investors and the combination of various economic factors point towards this, as highlighted by PwC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe Report of 2019.

Good Prospects for the Near Future

The PwC report reveals a lot of insightful information about the state of the market – and shows that where this is some challenge, there is an even greater opportunity. The hundreds of correspondents who responded in the survey are quite optimistic about the state of the market, but they have noted that there is a scarcity of available assets.

With Brexit, lots of businesses and investors are moving from the UK to Europe, making European real estate investing even more attractive to those who are looking outside the UK, which has typically been a go-to investment market.

The scarcity of available assets also points towards investors’ decisions to look to other markets. These are markets that have not historically been a choice for investment. Among these is Eastern Europe: cities such as Warsaw, Helsinki, and Vienna have all seen a tremendous amount of growth in investment.

One notable and concrete reason why real estate investment is all set to pick up its pace is because the European Central Bank has decided to force interest rates to remain low – making real estate the ideal choice, as opposed to stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. In short, real estate proves to be an asset that can offer the best outcomes when weighing risk and reward.

Experts have also noted that investors are becoming increasingly environmentally and socially conscious. An eye-opening 60% of those surveyed said that non-financial metrics are becoming standard practice in the industry.

Germany Dominates Top 10 Picks for 2019

The German market has been the strongest growing market for the past 10 years and this is expected to continue. While Lisbon is considered to be the top investment choice, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich are all included in the top 10.

It also helps that several German cities have been cited as being one of the most liveable cities in the world. Rents are showing growth, which is attractive for investors who want good returns on their investment. Vacancy rates have also been dropping, going down to below 5% from 10-12%.

The top spot, however, goes to Germany’s capital, Berlin, which has some telling numbers on the strength of its market. Both rental values and capital gains are expected to increase over the years, and these numbers are the highest among all European cities. All in all, Germany is considered to be a worthwhile investment well into the future. As a growing cultural and technological centre, its citizens experience a quality of life that is matched by few other European cities.

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After all, if Europe is decent growth, it would be ideal if more investors could join the market. From Germany to the more up-and-coming markets of Eastern Europe, investors have a wide range of investment choices.

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