Crisis-proof in difficult times: Stocks? Real estate?

The history shows: Every high is followed by a low in the volatile stock markets.

The coronavirus is a trigger for something that has been indicated before. While the Japanese economy has shrunk more than expected, the oil price is falling due to the OPEC dispute and the German automotive and mechanical engineering industries are also weakening, the coronavirus has triggered a stock market crash.

At the end of 2019, the SMI (10,616.94 points) and other stock market indices were still recording record levels on the stock markets. But now an emotional rollercoaster ride is following for many investors. After the many new records, the SMI is now just at 8,171.23 points. The coronavirus is causing uncertainty among the population, and no one knows how it will continue and which regions will be closed off next. People are being quarantined and some even can’t go to work. It is precisely these uncertainties that are now reflected in the volatile stock portfolios and stock markets.

In these times, real estate investments are once again characterised by their stable value. Even though prices have risen significantly in recent years, they are non-inflationary and represent a real asset value. The demand on the housing market is still constant, which is why one can assume constant monthly income. Investors can therefore expect high long-term returns and an increase in the value of the property. Above all, the low interest rate level leads to a high return for externally financed properties. Translated with (free version)

That’s exactly why we now have the solution for you: CROWDLITOKEN, the digital real estate bond. Anytime and anywhere!

With CROWDLITOKEN you can invest in a Europe-wide real estate portfolio consisting of residential and commercial properties. This allows you to spread your risk and bring stability to your personally compiled portfolio. The CROWDLITOKEN even allows you to invest via a smartphone from the comfort of your sofa. There are no agios, investors are offered full transparency and due to lean, digital processes only low fees are due. Furthermore, the CROWDLITOKEN is tradable at any time.

Therefore, this week for the last time take advantage of the 25% discount offered. Also via Swissquote. Start now!

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