100,000 mark cracked for yield payments

We are proud to announce that we have exceeded the 100,000 mark with the return payments for our investors. And, of course, there is more in store for us here.

Since April 2020, interest has been diligently paid out to our investors every month. Regardless of whether they have chosen payment in CHF, EUR or new tokens, the amount of interest paid out is growing steadily. Since our platform and the property in Oensingen went online in November 2020, the yield for everyone who placed their tokens has risen from 0.875%* (minimum interest rate) to 4%*. So a total of over CHF 111,000 worth of returns have been distributed so far. And that’s just the beginning!

How about a new property?

We thank all those who are patiently waiting for a new property. The current situation due to COVID-19 makes the search for real estate difficult – there are many interested parties and thus competitors when buying real estate, as in such times of crisis one sees again how stable and safe real estate investments are. In addition, appointments for negotiations are difficult and cumbersome. However, our real estate commission is actively working on acquiring new properties. We expect to be able to announce something in the coming weeks. Until then, we ask for a little patience and thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us.

Of course, you still benefit from the minimum interest rate of 0.875%* on all tokens that you were not able to place on Oensingen.

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*all interest rates and yields mentioned are p.a., i.e. calculated per year

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