CROWDLITOKEN AG is following strict compliance and will only accept investors who have been duly identified during the on-boarding process and later during secondary trade over crypto-exchanges. CROWDLITOKEN AG will recognize and acknowledge as tokenholders only persons who have (i) been identified in accordance with the Know-your-Customer (KYC) policies enacted by CROWDLITOKEN AG and its respective custodian bank and (ii) have found to be in full compliance with Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) rules under applicable law.
In order to comply with the above CROWDLITOKEN AG has enacted a two-stage identification process which is accessible over the landing-page. The applied KYC/AML application itself is using blockchain to accurately keep track on each subscriber, each of his investments and the minted tokens.

Stage 1

Identification of each subscriber.

Stage 2

Enhanced, video-based identification for investments of more than CHF 5'000.

Stage 3

Further disclosures on background of invested capital for more than CHF 100'000.
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